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COVID-19 Vaccines: You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

COVID-19 Vaccines: You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

This is a difficult time for Alberta.

Covid-19 case numbers are higher than they’ve ever been, and our hospitals are filled with patients sickened by the virus.

This has led to another round of tough restrictions, with severe impacts on our work and social lives, and negative effects on the education and healthy activities of our children.

It’s very stressful.  It’s extremely hard.  But the restrictions are necessary — without them, our medical system would soon be overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients.

But there’s bright hope on the near horizon.  Thanks to the wonder of vaccines, we have a clear path out of the present darkness.

Already, 1.7 million Albertans have been vaccinated against Covid-19; more than 300,000 have received two doses. Hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses are being delivered to our province every week.

And as of next week — beginning on Monday, May 10 — all children in Alberta over the age of 12 will be eligible to be immunized.

That’s great news.

But there’s been a fog of misinformation and mixed messaging around Covid-19 vaccines, and that has left many folks understandably confused, worried, and hesitant to get vaccinated — and hesitant to get their children vaccinated.

That’s why Virtual Kids is stepping up to help dispel that fog.

Next week we are launching a Vaccine Hesitancy Clinic, so that we can provide concerned parents with clear, consistent, and up-to-date Covid-19 vaccine information.

If you have questions about Covid vaccines or whether your child should or should not be immunized, we can help.

Simply have your family doctor fax a referral to the Virtual Kids Vaccine Hesitancy Clinic — 1-877-834-3449 — so that you can speak directly by videoconference, from your home, to a pediatrician about your concerns.

We want what you want.  We want our kids back in school, in hockey and baseball and dance and swimming and music lessons.  We want them hanging out freely with their friends and grandparents.  We want them living happy, healthy, joyful lives.

That reality is within our reach.

And together we can make it happen.