Virtual Kids News

Final Newsletter

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Virtual Kids Closing Sep 1, 2021

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closing of Virtual Kids. Due to increased demands within the Children’s Emergency Departments, our Pediatric specialists can no longer meet the demand for online care.

Summer 2021

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Our Care Is Virtual But The Results Are Real

Celebrating one year of delivering excellent care to the children and families of Alberta, we reflect on how life and medicine have changed.

Students For Herd Immunity

With the end of the pandemic within our sights, this innovative project looks to push us over the finish line.

Special Release

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COVID-19 Vaccines: You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

We know that the families of Alberta are stressed by COVID and with vaccinations opening up for children many parents have questions. Our team of specialists hope to anser these questions and alleviate concerns.

April 2021

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Bullying: An Old Problem but Newly Dangerous

Cyberbullying has created new dangers and struggles for youth. Here are strategies and resources that every parent and caregiver needs to have.

Virtual Kids Partnerships

When taking care of a sick child Virtual Kids gives you physician access without leaving your home. We have now partnered with Pharmacy At Your Door to ensure that prescription deliveries can also happen to your home.

February 2021

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Fever: Friend or Foe?

What’s the down low on the up high temperatures? Here are the facts parents need to know about fevers and the myths that you no longer have to worry about.

Virtual Kids Update

We are excited to be expanding the Virtual Kids team as well as the hours our clinic is available to the families of Alberta.

December 2020

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Is it nuts to give your baby nuts?

With the season of snacks upon us, many parents are wondering when is a safe time to introduce nuts to the diet. Here is what the science tells us and what the current recommendations are for your baby.

Kids Help Phone collaboration.

Mental Health is an essential part of our children’s well being. That is why Virtual Kids is pleased to collaborate with the Kids Help Phone.

November 2020

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COVID and Kids: Can they actually get sick?

How worried do parents need to be about the risks of COVID and their children? Here are the facts, the numbers, and what parents need to know about the risks of COVID in children.

Coping with COVID.

There’s more to a pandemic than just COVID. Here are some essential resources to support families during these difficult times.