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Virtual Kids Is Closing

By Dr. Ed Les – Virtual Kids Physician

It is with heavy hearts that the team at Virtual Kids is announcing the suspension of our service effective Aug 31, 2021.

The Virtual Kids Team launched our unique videoconference platform in June 2020, in the teeth of the pandemic, in an effort to provide safe and secure access to excellent pediatric care for the families of Alberta.

We are extremely proud of the service we have delivered. In the past 14 months:

We are extremely proud of the service we have delivered.

In the past 14 months:

  • We’ve attended to the after-hours care of thousands of children in every corner of this great province — from Medicine Hat to Three Hills, from Hinton to Drumheller, from the urban centres of Edmonton and Calgary to the remotest of campgrounds.
  • We’ve made it possible for worried parents to avoid spending hours in crowded waiting rooms, to avoid navigating icy roads in the depths of winter to attend urgent care centres and emergency departments, to avoid staying up for half the night waiting for medical attention.
  • We’ve made it possible for sick children to stay home and get the rest they need to get well.
  • When necessary, after our expert assessments, we’ve sent children in for in-person care. But 96% of visits to Virtual Kids have been handled from beginning to end without families having to leave their homes — saving parents enormous amounts of worry, time, and inconvenience.

We believe Virtual Kids has been a huge win for families, for public health care, and for infectious disease control. And the feedback from families has been tremendous; it’s clear that we’ve filled an unmet need. 

So why, then, are we suspending our service?  Simply put, we are needed “at work”.

Not only does the pandemic continue, but many of the other pediatric infectious diseases that had “gone on vacation” during the pandemic have come roaring back.  The pressure on our children’s hospitals is as high as it has ever been. 

Our Virtual Kids doctors, as emergency room physicians, are key to meeting those pressures. 

It’s been an incredible privilege to serve the families of Alberta over the past fourteen months, to meet with you and your children in your “living rooms”, and to try and help make your parenting journeys easier.

We believe that all children deserve access to the very best of pediatric care, regardless of where they live and regardless of their circumstances; and we believe that quality virtual care will be key to achieving that goal. 

For now, we’re signing off; but we hope that, with proper support, we can return in the future to be part of the virtual care solution for your children.

A huge THANK YOU to all the families and others that have supported our efforts for the past fourteen months:  we couldn’t have done it without you.

Take care and stay safe.

All the best,

The Virtual Kids Team.

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