Your child’s health is our highest priority


Welcome to Virtual Kids, a platform designed to enhance the care of your children by delivering top-notch medical advice virtually.

We supply access to a group of experienced pediatric specialists; doctors who deliver world-class medical care to children when they are sick or injured.

We know that urgent concerns about your child’s health often arise when it is least convenient, outside of “regular business hours” when it can be difficult to obtain timely, quality medical advice from your family doctor or pediatrician.

We understand how difficult it can be to decide whether your child needs to be examined emergently, or if “it can wait until tomorrow.”

Virtual Kids is available on evenings and weekends to help you make those decisions — by connecting with you virtually by videoconference or by telephone to experienced pediatricians.
Our physicians will deliver the urgent, expert medical advice your child needs, at no cost to you, without you having to leave your home.*

If our physician determines that your child needs to be physically examined, he or she will direct you to the appropriate care provider with the appropriate urgency. If need be, you will be directed to the emergency department.

Our physicians are not a replacement for your child’s regular physician:
Our service is complementary to the excellent care your child receives from your family doctor or pediatrician.

Our doctors work collaboratively with your regular doctor to ensure that your child receives the very best of care.

We firmly embrace the concept of the “medical home”, a centralized base for caring for children and their entire family.

Virtual Kids physicians will always work to strengthen your child’s medical home. A record of each patient encounter will be sent to your child’s regular doctor.

If you are a physician and wish to consult with or refer a patient to us please click below*

*patients must have a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Card