Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

How much does a Virtual Kids consultation cost?

Consultations are free, provided your child has a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Card.

Sick notes and medical clearance notes are not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance.  There is a small fee of $25 for a Virtual Kids physician to provide these notes.

Are there any services that require additional fees?

While all medical consultation fees are covered by your Alberta Health Care coverage, services that fall outside this coverage would require additional fees.

Examples include filling out forms, notes for schools or employers, directly communicating with a non-medical third-party (such as a team coach or school principal).

If you require a service that falls outside the scope of Alberta Health Care coverage the physician will let you know of any associated fees before proceeding.

Can I access Virtual Kids' physicians if my child is not a resident of Alberta?

At this time Virtual Kids does not offer consultations to patients that do not have a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Card.

Is there a membership fee?

Medical advice delivered by the doctors of Virtual Kids is free to those with a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Card.

Free medical advice will be offered to the citizens of other provinces in Canada once a cost-sharing agreement is established between the provinces.

At this time the IT platform for delivery of expert medical care is being generously supplied at low cost to the doctors of Virtual Kids.  Therefore there is no charge to the public at this time for accessing this valuable service.  A small IT fee may be introduced in the future as demand dictates.

Is there an age limit?
Virtual Kids offers medical care to all patients under 18 years of age.
What kinds of services can I expect from my visit?

Our pediatric specialists are highly trained to address urgent pediatric medical concerns. Your child will receive a thorough assessment within the limitations of a videoconference consultation, followed by expert advice on the care of your child.

Should the best care for your child require in-person assessment and/or a physical exam, we will advise you and direct you accordingly.

Your child’s safety and wellness is our paramount concern.

Will my family doctor or pediatrician know about my visit?


All of our consultations are documented on a secure, privacy-protected electronic medical record, and a copy is provided to your child’s physician of record.

Will my visit and information be kept confidential?


Virtual Kids complies with all privacy requirements as mandated by Alberta Health Services.

Do I need a computer to use this service?

You will need a computer or other internet-abled device such as a mobile phone or tablet to book your appointment.

If you prefer to speak with the physician on duty by telephone rather than videoconference at the time of your child’s appointment, please indicate accordingly at the time of your booking and we will call you on your phone.

Can your doctors give good medical advice without doing a physical exam?


In many cases a good history of your child’s illness, provided by a parent, ideally coupled with being able to see your child on video, is sufficient for our physicians to provide excellent medical advice.

Your child’s safety or wellness is our paramount concern.

If in our doctor’s opinion your child is best served by an in-person assessment and/or physical exam, he or she will direct you accordingly.

Are there any pediatric medical concerns that can not handled by Virtual Kids physicians?

Because our expert physicians team specializes in pediatric urgent care medicine, they are limited in their ability to help with chronic medical concerns. These are best addressed with your child’s regular doctor.

If you consult our doctors regarding a chronic pediatric medical concern, they will redirect you to your regular physician or pediatrician, provided there are no urgent medical issues.

If your child is seriously unwell or injured, you should call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

Can you help my child with mental health concerns?

Although we cannot offer ongoing mental health assessments and follow up, our pediatric emergency physicians have experience with urgent mental health issues and can offer guidance for what next steps are best for you and your child.

In an emergency, please call 911.